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The putters sweetspot

A test has been made of different putters' sweetspot in relation to Danish Golf Design. 


The result is that the putter from Danish Golf Design has a significantly larger sweetspot than the other putters in the test.  


For players, this means that mishits, off-center hits, lose less length if you play with Danish Golf Design putters.        - this means that the risk of 3-put is reduced and the chance of 1-put is increased. 

spredning og afstand.jpg

Why investigate it?  

Feedback from players has been that length control has been significantly improved after they switched to Danish Golf Design. It must, of course, be tested.


How did we do?

Therefore, we built a very simple pendulum swing device, where reproduction of the swing movement is easy to repeat and recreate. We chose a 5-meter put, and found a base line where the ball rolled exactly 5 meters.  

Then we hit 8 putts where the ball was hit 3 inches away from center.

- This process was repeated with each putter.  


resultatet samles.jpg


The result is that the Danish Golf Design putter loses less speed than the blade putter and the two mallet putters.  


On 5-meter plaster loses:

Danish Golf Design ca. 25 cm.  

Mallet putters lose approx. 45 cm

Blade putter loses approx. 73 cm.  

There are, of course, sources of error, since the test was performed on a green, which can be uneven. The number of attempts could be greater and there is uncertainty associated with the pendulum swing device. But still the result is so unambiguous that the conclusion is that: with Danish Golf Design the putter reduces the risk of 3-puts, and increases the chance of 1-puts.  

The reason why Danish Golf Design has such a large sweetspot is due to the weight blocks. Each block of weight weighs 87 grams, representing 25% of the total mass of the putter.  At the same time, the striking surface is made of light and very soft aluminum, which gives a soft feeling and sound. 

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